Tourist menu

Typical corn meal with cheese.

Crepe with ham and cheese.


Vegetable soup.

Spaghetti with bolognaise sauce.

Pasta with tomato sauce and chili.

Fresh sausage with tomato sauce and corn meal.

Wild morsel stew in red wine with corn meal.

Boletus mushroom with aromatic herbs and italian corn meal.

Grilled veal stack with vegetables.

Veal with ham and local cheese.

½ shin pork baked with vegetable of the day.

One chosen first course + One chosen second course + 0,5 l. water + 0,25 l. wine + espresso + cover.
€ 20,00

The touristic menu is per person.
If you divide to half, for the bill will applied the rate of menù a la carte  person.

Tourist pizza menu

One selected pizza (escluded the special) + french fries + one small beer or one cans + home dessert + cover.
€ 18,00

Raclette menu

Swiss cheese + cured meats + pickles + boiled vegetables.

€ 25,00 drinks not included